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 Veneks Surviving Notes

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PostSubject: Veneks Surviving Notes   Veneks Surviving Notes EmptySun Jan 25, 2009 6:15 pm

...And so began the conflict, the Times of Chaos.
The Dark Council used their power to hide from the other gods, and they
executed the plan. The King and Queen of the dragons died first,
and then Veeknuh, lord of secrets. Although more powerful than many
gods of this age, these where lesser gods, and as they died the Council fed
upon the power thus released. The next to die was The Many,
god of slaughter, whose chaotic way of being almost alerted
the other gods and Farlahngun the traveller, who at this point
started to become suspicious. The Goddess of the Woodlands was
easily silenced and killed, and the Council now possessed enough power
to go after their own enemies.
Details concerning this are few, but when the Council gathered once more:
Coreehlon Lahretheeyen, the Joker and the Shining One had died.
But as they gathered again, the surviving gods gathered as well,
and a pact was made. They all faced extinction, so they united.
And however unlikely these alliances where, they gathered their strength
and prepared for battle. The battle raged for days, and when the
Dark Council was defeated, seven gods remained standing.

The Archmage, He-Who-Never-Sleeps, Highroeneeus,
The Scourge of Battle, The Dwarffather, The Shalm and The Stern Lady.

By the records of Brother Venek of the Ruby order
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Veneks Surviving Notes
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