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 The nine layers of Hell

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The nine layers of Hell Empty
PostSubject: The nine layers of Hell   The nine layers of Hell EmptyThu Oct 10, 2013 5:41 pm

They will be tired, hungry, and will feel like resting. But they will not die from ignoring such needs. Halflings are guarding layers 1, 3 and 4. Were-wolves guard layers 2, 5 and 7. Devils are found scattered all over, seen as ghost going around taking pleasure in the pain of those present and only interfering in extreme cases.

Gates of Hell
- Infinite White plane of nothing, that takes a year to pass. after the year is finished, Narasil will become visible, and will answer one question about anything from each partymember. He is gigantic, and chained to a massive rock with his back to the gates of Hell. Once he has answered the gates will become visible behind him, and suck in the party.

Layer One, Sloth
- People here are forced to work, digging tunnels that will grow back eventually, never resting.
- Infinite Tunnels, takes two years to get through, unless they dig themselves. Takes half a year if they get 10+ total on ST-check, and half a year for each try until they get that much. They can, of course, rest. Will roll to continue working after each rest.

Layer Two, Lust
- People here thrown around and torn apart by the strong winds for eternity.
- Extremely strong winds blow through this place, and seemengly they are all lost. 10+ total successes on Tracking. A year per try.

Layer Three, Gluttony
People here are always eating, but can never taste or feel full. They simply keep eating, their eyes glued shut and heeding no one else but themselves.
- Infinite Meadhall, with a table filled to the brim with food and drink of the best kind the person viewing can imagine. If they sit to eat (they have to sit to reach the food), they can't get up. They just eat and eat and eat. A year minimum walking to the next layer. If one sits down to eat and the party waits, add a year to the time spent here, and the person eating disappears in the crowd and cannot be found again. Add a year for each time they search.

Layer Four, Envy
- Easy enough, Whole place is ice. And all the people are frozen just under the surface, but it looks like whoever you are looking at for the moment is closer to the surface than everybody else. It also looks this way for the people frozen there. Takes two months to pass.

Layer Five, Wrath
- A huge city, where it always rains. The people there are always being punished, in various ways, and no one will ever tell them why. The only way to escape is to submit one's sin to the lawmakers and to be punished. By dying there one is transported to next layer.

Layer Six, Greed
- No sky, ground covered in a 50 yards of goldpieces and jewels. anyone who takes anything and puts it in his pocket/sack/whatever willfully will be punished. A year of travels will take them to a Throne made out of gems. If they ignore it, they are transported to the next layer. If they sit in it, they are punished. The punishment of this layer is that you no longer can walk safely on the coins, but will sink, and join the others of this plane. Under fifty yards of gold and gems.

Layer Seven, Pride
- Maze of Mirrors, they encounter random people. They all stand still watching themselves. There is a risk of becoming trapped by the mirrors. Any time spent walking when looking at one's own reflection is tripled. If you look down as you walk, you will get through it in four months. A year if not. If someone stand in front of a mirror and admires one's own reflection for to long then that someone is trapped forever in this layer.

Layer Eight, Fear
- Presented with their biggest fear, Fright check - 20 to all who passes through. They wake up in the next layer after walking over a bridge of sorts, Another year has passed.

Layer Nine, Power, The Devil
- Looks like home, but is not. Time spent here works as normal, and unless they get out they will die of old age. The longer they stay the more powerful they will seem to get, and the lonelier they will get.

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The nine layers of Hell
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