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 The Saints of the Empire

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The Saints of the Empire Empty
PostSubject: The Saints of the Empire   The Saints of the Empire EmptyThu Jul 08, 2010 2:35 am

Rank 0. Saint of New Beginnings
Race: Unknown. Sex: Female. Age: Approximately 15 000. Name/Alias: Reaper

Rank 1. Saint of War
Race: Half-Dragon Elan. Sex: Female. Age: Approximately 15 000. Name/Alias: Huntress

Rank 2. Saint of Pain
Race: Cadaver Golem. Sex: N/A. Age: Approximately 2000. Name/Alias: Cromwell

Rank 3. Saint of Sorrow
Race: Elf Ghost. Sex: Female. Age: Approximately 6000. Name/Alias: Felosial Galanodel

Rank 4. Saint of Technology
Race: Sentient Cybernetic Life-Form. Sex: N/A. Age: 10 462. Name/Alias: S.C.L.F.

Rank 5. Saint of Enlightenment
Race: Storm Giant Cloud Anchorite. Sex: Male. Age: Approximately 9000. Name/Alias: Seeker.

Rank 6. Saint of Glory
Race: Nymph. Sex: Female. Age: Approximately 7000. Name/Alias: Gloria

Rank 7. Saint of Prowess
Race: Killoren. Sex: Male. Age: Approximately 9000. Name/Alias: Master of Blades

Rank 8. Saint of Inspiration
Race: Elf. Sex: Male. Age: 142. Name/Alias: Laurien

Rank 9. Saint of Protection
Race: Dwarf. Sex: Female. Age: Approximately 6000. Name/Alias:

Rank A. Saint of Order
Race: Warforged. Sex: Apparently Male. Age: Approximately 4000. Name/Alias: Warlord Achav

Rank B. Saint of Light
Race: Fire Elemental. Sex: N/A Age: Approximately 5000. Name/Alias: None

Rank C. Saint of Perserverance
Race: Human. Sex: Male. Age: Approximately 11 000. Name/Alias: Simeon De'Vere

Rank D. Saint of Lies
Race: Unknown. Sex: Unknown. Age: Unknown. Name/Alias: N/A

Rank E. Saint of Lost Causes
Race: Lich. Sex: Female. Age: Approximately 8000. Name/Alias: Faith

Rank F. Saint of Last Judgements
Race: Angel. Sex: Male. Age: Approximately 13 000. Name/Alias: Angel of Death

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The Saints of the Empire
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