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 The Eternals

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The eternals was humanoid once.
The world of Tor Christo, in the Hyasint 4 star-system, would be considered to be heavily religious. And it would be quite correct, in a way.
The people of Tor Christo revered every god in an equal way, and always kept the law as the highest of them.

When the times of chaos started, there was a rift between planes located on Tor christo. This led straight into the mechanical realm belonging to beings known as the Inevitable, and the war had laid waste to nearly all within. One single creature had survived, and it told them to make a choice. He could use his last powers to make new beings out of some of the people of Tor christo, but the rest would die. He asked them to do this as a service to the universe and all living things, for should he die before doing this then the power of Law would be weakened to a fraction of what was needed for future times. And then Chaos would be free to do as it pleased...

The mages who spoke to this creature instantly decided that this was a decision for all, and told the world of Tor Christo about what happened, they all concluded that the other worlds should have some say in this.

Two days later, all the people of the entire Hyasint 4 system died, all in one night. The being kept his word, and whilst over twenty billon people died, five hundred thousand Eternals was made out of the spirits, flesh and metal of the sacrifice.

The eternals immediatly travelled into the mechanical realm, to repair the damage, and when the war ended they was visited by the Old Gods. The Eternals listened as the gods told them of their role in these new times, as guardians of time and space. They where to exist outside of time, only to interfere when they deemed it prudent. To be keepers of time, and the ultimate authority.

They accepted.

The Eternals now looked like clockwork encased by humanoid-shaped glass, stand about 72 inches tall and weigh about 74 kilos all in all.

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The Eternals
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