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 The Peace Coalition

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PostSubject: The Peace Coalition   The Peace Coalition EmptySun Jan 25, 2009 10:56 pm

1157 After the Times of Chaos. The planet Alkari was in ruins, nothing left but a barren wasteland.
An elven scientist named Yana, a valuable asset to the resistance and a magian as well managed to survive long enough to kickstart his final program.

1162 AtToC. The program was successfull and the Ketran species was born.

2506 AtToC. The Ketran species had transformed Alkari into the paradise known now as K'etra, and bypassed human technology as of 2008.

3000 AtToC. The ketrans have started a colony on most of the planets in the known solar-system.

By the year 3599 they had evolved the colonies into seperate governments, and formed what was known as the Peace Coalition.

As time marched on they made contact with other species as well, and so the Peace Coalition was no longer for Ketrans alone.

The Peace Coalition is simply put the promise of ketrans to help if help is needed and available.
It's members are not allowed to wage war and would-be members need to be of a certain technological level if membership is to be aquired.
This is not in any way the ketran way of looking down on other species, it's simply a precaution so that advanced technology is kept where it can be understood.
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The Peace Coalition
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